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Janeke Italy has Just Arrived at Thompson Alchemists !

Janeke Italy has just arrived!! We are ready to rock the city, the wheel is spinning and we are ready to color block- pink brushes and green bristles, yellow combs, orange mirrors, don’t forget the purple, my favorite color.  They are awesome.

Giorgio Janeke was the founder of this amazing handmade line in 1830. Janeke is three centuries old. They use the finest materials such as, bristle, nylon, pure boar bristle. Each brush has a “ breathing hole’. No bristles are missing. Janeke brushes are made with carbon properties that control static when brushing hair. There combs are made of highly resistant injected plastic. The mirrors are also hand made, we have lots of colors and they come in all sizes. Drop by to get with your color blocking today. stop by and ask to see the Janeke line.