Thompson Alchemists: Natural White Tea Body Wash

An herbal infusion of cucumber, ginseng, and green tea with moisturizing avocado and shea.

Leonor Greyl is one of our favorite haircare lines

This is my lovely customer Who comes here whenever he needs a Leonore Greyl fix! What are some of your favorite products? He has used the same products for 14 years. serum de Soir, Eclat Naturelle and Creme Moselle de Bambou

a botanical hair care line created in1968 by Leonor Greyl & her husband. She was working as a beautician in Paris and he had knowledge of botanicals; together they created one of the first botanical hair care lines at time when many popular styles, such as the “bleach blonde” look, required a slew of harsh chemicals.

we stock nearly the full range of Leonor Greyl hair products. If you don’t see a product that you enjoy from Leonor Greyl on our site or in our stores please inform one of our helpful staff members and they will contact you when it arrives.

Thompson Alchemists is The Original General Wellness Store

No matter the situation, light our #thompsonalchemists candles and calm the f**k down!