Tripledemic hits NYC: What doctors say parents should do


Jacqui Rosshandler is one of the many New York City parents facing down a tripledemic of COVID-19, the flu and RSV this winter. (NY1/Justine Re)


Triple­demic hits NYC: What doctors say parents should do


Jacqui Rosshandler says her 6-year-old and 3-year-old girls keep getting sick this winter.

“I think we are getting a lot of colds and flus this year,” Rosshandler said. “I think it is just where we are at. We had years of masks and years of not having colds and flus, and this year they are all coming up. It’s part of life, it’s not ideal.”

What You Need To Know

The city’s health department says COVID-19, the flu and RSV, a respiratory illness that children and infants get, are on the risePharmacies are facing challenges keeping cold and flu medications in stock
Dr. Nicolas Hernandez, from Northwell Health, says our bodies are readjusting to seasonal illnesses after dealing with COVID-19 prevention methods

“One of the problem we are having is the availability of simple things to treat the symptoms: Tylenol, which we treat for the headache, the fever and the body aches. And Robitussin, any of the generics — acetaminophen, guaifenesin,” said Gary Alony, a pharmacist and owner of Thompson Chemists, a SoHo pharmacy. “We try to order all these things, but it is frustrating becausewe see all zeros.”

His shelves are well stocked, but it takes extra effort.

Alony said he has had to reach out to multiple wholesalers and retailers to get the medications that are in high demand at his pharmacy.

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