Thompson Street Medicine Show 6.25 7-9pm!!

The Thompson Street Medicine Show is sure to cure what ails you! Come on by to get yer fix! Sheriff and The Deputy with special guest TRIP HENDERSON will be playin live country and bluegrass and folk music for y’all from 7 to 9pm on Tuesday June 25th right down at Thompson Alchemists between the toothpaste and the face creams!
Mama J and The Medicine Man only carry the best products so stock up on everything you need to stay beautiful through the hot hot summer!
Live music in the pharmacy!!
Seating is limited so if you need to sit for the show give us a shout and we’ll save ya a seat!

Thompson Alchemists
On concert nights — every second, fourth and fifth Tuesday of the month — ….. That’s where Sheriff Bob and Deputy Kat, plus about five other musicians, set up. They drift in at about 6:45 p.m., Captain Bob on guitar and vocals, Matt Quinones on bass, Michael Donovan on violin, occasionally Trip Henderson on harmonica, Jeffrey Rowland on mandolin. Phyllis Elkind and Emma Turoff sometimes appear on guitar and mandolin, respectively.

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