“Rebels and Outlaws” –


Designed by makeup artist and rebel, James Vincent, and activist and outlaw, Jeremy Meek Rebels and Outlaws

     The world of skilled labor, that of craftsman or artisans, divided between masters, journey men and apprentices each level adding a layer of pride reserved within the mannerism of the individual as well as the outcome of the products from the skilled labor applied.

Evocative names such as Artists and Angels, Sorcerers and Sages, Pilgrim’s Pride and Sister Witch you can easily envision the predicted outcome of the potions. Love, love and more love is handcrafted into each remedy using ingredients that resolve, rectify and repair. Dignified style treatments possess true rectitude of mind, and purity of affection automatically reflect the experience of the creators.

Jeremy Meek and James Vincent come from many years of hands-on make-up art, international fashion, beauty and cosmetics.
Rebels and Outlaws provides the necessary cleansing and revitalizing, filling a void in the self-care market that only those familiar with the industries inner stress can. Please join us in welcoming  “Rebels and Outlaw” to our family of holistic remedies.
Live from Historic Thompson Street!

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