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Thompson Street Medicine Show May 30, 2018

Posted by Thompson Alchemists in Thompson News & Events.

The Thompson Street Medicine Show is a community event designed to enhance the overall wellbeing of those around us. Our world is evolving on a macro and micro scale. As the macro scale continues to turn the wheels of progress, the micro scale involves the local wellbeing of communities in our modern society. The two are entangled, yet both can loose sight of each other: allowing one scale to be unnoticed.
In regards to healthcare, nobody can dispute the benefits of technology’s advancements research and development, or argue the value of progression. In-vivo interactions are still vital in “nature.” There are benefits in wellness that remain random and unique to the moment they are in. Being microscopic in comparison to the macro world, the benefits of individual local interactions with others during a time of progress can often go unnoticed. In order for both to continue to enhance our lives, the perspectives both must be closely examined.
Thompson Chemists has been providing the Soho and South Greenwich Village community with hard to find products and real, caring service since 1994. Thompson Alchemists opened in the fall of 2010. The owners, Gary and Jolie Alony, bring together the perfect blend of utility and elegance, which has caught the attention of national and international publications including Vogue, Elle, and Time Out New York.

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