Apothecanna Debut Soho NYC Style

Apothecanna introduced Soho NYC to its cannabis seed oil infused skincare products at Thompson Alchemists on April 20th 2013.

Apothecanna takes the wisdom of traditional plant medicine to acess the healing powers of natural organic wildcrafted herbs and essential oils. Apothecanna does not use articficial ingredients, fillers, parabens or known toxins. Apothecanna is the produced in small quality controled batched in Denver, Colorado.

We  had a great turnout  of people eager to try Apothecanna cannabis infused skincare with a complementry hand massage provided by an experienced Aothecanna representitive.

Apothecanna cannabis infused skincare introduced us to three different creams each packed with ingerdients to nourish the body, skin and mind. Apothecanna creams are fortified with anti-oxidant rich organic cannabis (hemp) seed oil, rejuvenating aloe leaf juice and quick-absorbing jojba oil to leave the skin healthy and hydrated.

Apothecanna pain creme is a cooling peppermint and soothing arnica massage lotion infused with other powerful plant extracts providing fast acting relief from pain and inflammation.

Apothecanna stimulating creme contains warming capsaicin to melt pain away, ginger to stimulate the skin,  and grapefruit to energize your  mind. All infused together to create this multi-function muscle stimulating massage lotion.

Apothecanna calming creme is a therapeutic formula that has many different uses. This multi-function formula can be used to relax the body and mind by relieving stress and tension. It can also be applied to irritated skin for soothing relief. Apothecanna calming creme contains calming lavender, soothing chamomile and meditative frankincense all infused together with high Omega-3 fatty acids which mimic the skin’s natural chemistry  to increase absorption and decrease inflammation.

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