Another successful event!

This past Saturday Thompson Alchemists had the most wonderful event ever! Esther from NUXE was on facials while Ashley from La Bella Donna was doing make-up. What a perfect marriage! As per usual, this event was full of high energy, great music and awesome food. We had so many people coming in and asking for facials that it was actually the first time I saw Esther chugging expressos to keep her energy up instead of her usual calming camomile tea.

Jewelry designer Megan Isaacs was also at Thompson Alchemists the same day displaying her gorgeous collection, The Thompson Staffers all loved wearing her spectacular pieces as they were helping people with their facials and makeovers.

We were so surprised to have such a variety of clients too! We had people from all around the globe and heard chatting in French, Spanish, Hindu, Italian and a bit of English to remind us all that we were still in Soho, New York. Thank you to all of our clients, NUXE, La Bella Donna and Megan Isaacs for the wonderful day — we are looking forward to doing this again very soon! 🙂

PS – Congrats to Ann for winning the raffle — we hope you love your NUXE Tonific gift set!


Check out our Facebook photo album for more awesome photos!

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