“Ancient of Days” – Thompson Alchemists – Window Display Art by Edd Fenner

Ancient of Days replica by Edd Fenner in the window of Thompson Alchemists

The amazing Edd Fenner has done it again!

He brought to life William Blake’s The Ancient of Days in our Thompson windows…

Come stop by our stores to check out the beautiful window displays.

a picture of a sculptured replica of Blake's Ancient of Days that was on display at Thompson Chemists
“… beautiful, and a work of energy and imagination – which Blake might perhaps have approved …”
a Thompson Alchemists logo sign carved out of wood by Edd Fenner
an original creation The Thompson Chemists and Thompson Alchemists leaf logo and sign banner are original creations designed and manufactured by Edd Fenner specifically for identifying the companies of Thompson Alchemists and Thompson Chemists of New York State

a sulptured replica of Blake's Ancient of Days in the window of Thompson AlchemistsThompson Alchemists