j.f. lazartigue POST EVENT

The EVENTS keep getting better & better here at Thompson Alchemists 449 West Broadway Soho, NY 10012. Our last event with j.f lazartigue was fun and informative as clients got to take a close up look at their hair and scalp. Patricia from j.f. lazartigue brought her microscope to diagnose, analyze, consult and suggest treatments. She worked all day to make sure everybody left with a big beautiful smile equal to hers. So far the feed back has been awesome, customers have returned to tell us how happy they are with their hair products and some are even showing off their new look. As always we love our special events and we’re just as happy to see and show all of you who missed out how happy it makes our customers.

Thank you again for coming and we look forward to seeing you at our next Thompson Alchemists EVENT!

jflazarttigue hair event

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